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30 Day Avatar The Last Airbender Challenge; Day 20: Favorite Fight Scene - One of the best things about ATLA is that every single one of the fight scenes is incredible. No matter how many times you watch them, you’re still amazed. However, no fight between any of the characters is more epic than the last agni kai between Azula and Zuko. Not to mention that the music is so intense that you feel you need to mute it to make it all the way through.

Honorable mentions; 

    • Toph fighting 600 earthbenders by herself to prove to her father that she’s not a helpless child.
  • Zuko fighting off Jet without his bending.
  • Katara proving to Master Pakku why girls are also fierce waterbenders.
  • Katara / Aang vs. Azula / Zuko.

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